Beware! This Is The Smartest Gmail Phishing Attack You’ll Ever Encounter



Short Bytes: Gmail phishing is one of most common methods used by hackers to compromise the online security of naive users. But, a recent Gmail phishing attack, uncovered by Wordfence, mimics your past conversations and attachments, succeeding in fooling even the tech-savvy netizens. To counter this attack, users should make sure to verify the https:// protocol and hostname in the address bar. 

For many of us, getting our Gmail accounts hacked would mean the endgame. It’s the path that helps the hackers to gain the ultimate access to our digital lives. By doing so, one can access our personal identifying information, take control of our online accounts, and whatnot. That’s why, at Fossbytes, we try to explain such security risks often in a very simple language to reach out to the maximum number of users. Continue reading

Police are Creating Fake Facebook Accounts to Monitor You — Here’s How to ID a Fake Account

Police departments around the nation have taken predictive crime prevention to a new level by building fake user accounts, as well as posing as genuine people to gather information about local events, Tech.Mic reports.

Local agents put on a “digital mask” and pose as “members of the community,” allowing them to gather personal information about suspects they consider a high risk of being involved in a future crime or have existing charges. Continue reading

Basic Computer Course



Basic Computer Course

-Setup all Windows from CD or DVD (XP,Windows 7,8,10) Continue reading