HOW TO: change Resolution/Adjust PPI of your Galaxy Note,2,3


One of the most useful mods I have performed on my Note 2 is a PPI adjustment, which effectively increases the resolution of the screen. I’m not sure why this isn’t more commonly discussed, because I think it really takes advantage of the phone’s size and tablet-like qualities (especially with the new MultiView update, if that appeals to you). I know many users of the original Note did this mod, which is how I found out about it. I suspect that many other Note 2 users may not be aware of this trick…


It has the same effect as increasing one’s monitor resolution – more content is able to be displayed on screen. If all the icons, text, menus, etc on your Note 2 just seem really BIG to you, this is the antidote.

Look at the two before and after screenshots attached. I would have posted them in line, but as a new user I am prohibited from doing so.


  • ROOTED Note 2 – there are other Howto’s on XDA that cover this
  • ROM Toolbox Pro (other apps may work too, possibly including the free version of ROM Toolbox, but this is what I used)


Root your phone and install ROM Toolbox Pro. Go to the performance tab, and click “build.prop” editor. There will be two entries called “ro.sf.lcd_density”

Within each one, change the property value and the default value to 240. That’s four numbers you’re replacing. On the last change, go ahead and reboot. Done!


With the original Note, it was common for this mod to break the Market. This is no longer the case. But, there are a few things that break to varying degrees. They’re easy to fix though…

  • TouchWiz: The default launcher will not adapt to the new settings, and you will have a lot of blank space. Fix by installing another launcher. I use Nova.
  • The Clock app breaks completely. I replaced with Alarm Clock Plus.
  • The dialer, like TouchWiz, will remain small. You could replace with a custom dialer, but I actually left it as-is because a side effect is that it’s really easy to use with one hand.
  • The Camera app has the same problem. Camera Zoom FX makes a good replacement.
  • the Samsung keyboard breaks, thus taking down handwriting input with it. Swype works fine, as does s-note.

Aside from those minor issues, everything has worked fine, including all the 3rd party apps I have.

Hope this is helpful to some of you guys. Good Luck


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